Welcome to Free Rider Web Hosting

We are a free hosting service using some of the most advanced technology available anywhere. Our service includes free PHP and MySQL hosting, as well as a free sub domain. Our Vista Panel control panel allows you to manage your website, including features such as email, FTP, domain names and more.

Why Use Our Hosting Service?

We use a large network of servers that are all connected together to act as one large server. Our technology is far more advanced than that provided by other hosting companies. Connecting several servers together dramatically increases the speed of the sites that we host. Our network is also unlikely to experience major outages, unlike other hosts who have their servers set up in isolation. Should one of our servers fail, your site will still be able to be accessed through the remaining servers!

Free Hosting

We invite you to sign up for a free hosting account and get your own website on the internet in seconds! Accounts are activated instantly so you don't need to wait around for an account.